Travelling by Greyhound

Travelling by bus is perhaps the least glamourous form of transportation. Since I had never been to British Columbia, we opted to save a bit of cash and spend a day driving from Vancouver to Prince George. I saw some pretty amazing landscapes. The mountains are pretty breathtaking and you end up in numerous podunk towns. Places like Lytton, often the hottest place in Canada during the summer. The funfacts never end when you're travelling the world by bus! 

In case you're considering bus travel in the near future, I've compiled a little list of pros and cons for you. 

Good scenic views
Nonexistent security regarding luggage or identity (a pro if you're some sort of fugitive or criminal)

Increased risk of contracting head lice, general lack of hygienic standards (the bus and its riders) 
It takes a long time to get anywhere
You're on a travelling toilet 
Lack of personal space
The dude who sits behind you and breathes really heavy
The bro who talks too loud about boring topics like his cousin's dog
The goth guy who shows you the baggie of piercing needles he brought on board (true story)
When you tell people you're taking the bus they generally look at you with a horrified expression followed by a look of pity

These photos were captured in Lytton, British Columbia, on a brief Greyhound Bus stop. 


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