Bloom Where You're Planted

A teacher once overheard me complaining about the small town where I lived and he very gently reminded me to bloom where I was planted. This has been a guiding statement through many hovels, homes and jobs that I've since had the pleasure of encountering. Sometimes supervisors were more tyrannical than constructive, cabins were more remote than earlier imagined and city streets were slushier than expected but I've come to a place where I can start to accept that circumstances are not always what I had hoped. Since that reminder I have endeavored to bloom where my roots have taken hold, for better or worse.

About a month ago I settled into my new home with Rysio in Algonquin Park. We share one reasonably sized room with five windows and each one has a view of the boreal forest, it is reminiscent of a tree fort in location, size and clutter.  There is lots of wood in our room and we have what an interior designer would call an accent wall painted in dark green. The rest of our walls are white. I will share some photos on another day when things are tidy. Our room is attached to four other living spaces.  The building is slightly elevated on a questionable foundation so that each footstep echoes through our rooms and those with a heavier tread shake the entire building.

For now I will share some of the flowers I've stumbled upon this month. Wild Forget-me-nots, which remind me of my maternal grandparents and Lupins in our back garden. My parents love lupins. Did you know that some varieties of Lupin beans (which appear after the flowering stage) are edible? Some are also toxic so I don't advise testing this out for yourself! Lupins share the same latin root name as the wolf - Lupus. Also, they are also the state flower of Texas. 

May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day. 
- Native American Proverb 


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