I'm back from Poland and all I can say right now is that it was so awesome. I'm not ready to share photos, memories or feelings. I am treasuring them all to myself for the time being. It was a big trip with a lot of big feelings attached to it so I think it may take a while for me to decide what to share. For now, I am becoming re-acquainted with Hamilton, falling back in love with my city and making plans (big and small) for the summer.

I've been wandering my neighbourhood, trying new routes back and forth to work on my bike, making delicious food and eating it in the backyard, caring for the plants that survived my absence and putting my life back into order. I took hundreds of photos in Poland so I haven't had the camera out at all since my trip but I did take a few photos of my neighbourhood right before I left.

I took these photos exactly one month ago. Just a couple of things in my neighbourhood that made me smile.

Carpets of flowers are better than grass

House trim that reminds me of doilies and crochet

A cheerful garden hose 

Cute houses I would love to call my own

Houses painted white

Weather worn wooden sheds at the end of secret alleys

Kittens in awkward positions 

Tonight I'm going to throw the frisbee around in the park with Rysio and Wally. Afterwards I am meeting a friend for tea and she is going to return some plants I asked her to take care of before I left for Algonquin Park last summer. I'm really excited to be getting them back (even though I secretly feel like a neglectful plant-mama for leaving them with her for so long)! Life is full of fun and friends right now, I have it pretty sweet.

Beautiful Poland

I poked around on flickr a few weeks ago, looking for photos of Poland and places I might like to visit, which is where I stumbled upon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and ended up glued to the screen for far longer than I should have lingered. While I went through thousands of photos I favourited some of my favourites as reminders of where I wanted to go and things I wanted to try and experience. They're just too good to keep to myself, here are some of my favourites out of the bunch. 

I'm just finishing up packing and I'll be heading to the airport shortly. It is very much my style to be packing right up to the last minute. Being organized and prepared down to the last detail has never really been my thing. I did get traveller's insurance though! That's one thing. If I've forgotten to pack socks or something little then I'm sure there will be stores in Poland that sell them, or anything else I may have forgotten. 

I hope I get to see lots of castles and forests and colourful buildings. I can't wait, it's going to be wonderful. 
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