Warsaw Street Art

There was a lot of really impressive street art in Warsaw. 

One of my favourite things about public art is that it is available and accessible to everyone. Street art takes fine art and makes it available to anyone who wishes to seek it out; it isn't stuck behind velvet ropes, glass cases or admission fees. There are rarely plaques with information about the artist or the intention behind the art, making the viewing experience an exercise in interpretation for the viewer.  There are no definitive meanings and the viewer's interpretation can be influenced by the urban environment that surrounds the work. 

Warsaw: Scenes from Everyday Life

Coming back from Warsaw was a hard time. I knew I was going to miss: all of the incredible people, the city streets, the entertainment, the architecture, the food and the delicious beer. I also didn't know how I would organize what I had to say and I felt a bit overwhelmed by the hundreds of photos I had taken. I thought that a bit of the day to day life would make a nice start.

I was in Warsaw for three weeks and I spent about half the time wandering the streets and experiencing things like a tourist and the other half of the time living like a local and being absorbed into my partner's wonderful family life. These photos are a meld of the two halves.


Rysio's cousin walking with her partner and his child in the park. 


Rysio's cousin in the workshop where he went to school at the Warsaw University of Technology. Did you know that university in Warsaw is paid for by the government? Students must pass very difficult entrance tests to be accepted, beyond their regular high school exams. 

Antek in one of the many extremely tiny elevators in Warsaw. Most of the older buildings have elevators that only fit two people, uncomfortably. This may have heightened my fear of elevators. 

How I assume my work space would look like if I were an engineer: cluttered and covered in plants. 

The street where we stayed and the view from the apartment. I loved the way this building was painted, like a pastel patchwork quilt, I always felt so cheerful arriving home at night. 



One day it rained and rained and we decided to walk out on a bridge to get a nice view of the new stadium that was built for the Euro Football Championship. Shortly after we stumbled upon my idea of heaven: a small book store with couches, a swing and an espresso bar! 

And that is a bit of day to day life in Warsaw. Time to prepare for my third Polish wedding of the year, I'm getting to be an expert!

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