North Vancouver: Hiking

After spending a few days in West Vancouver, we took the seabus across Vancouver Harbour to stay with friends in North Vancouver. Their backyard looked a lot like the above photo. I mentioned that we had a lot of different weather while we were travelling, this was my favourite day for experiencing snow. When we started our hike it seemed like autumn and there was green grass and tiny mushrooms were still sprouting out of rotting logs and old trees. As we made our way up the Baden Powell trail it felt like we were passing in to an entirely different world. A magical snow covered world. We had two dogs with us, Leo and Sophie, who enjoyed bounding through snowbanks, drinking water from cold mountain streams and photobombing at every opportunity. I think they made a cute addition to the photos, don't you?



I can't wait for winter to arrive in Hamilton, although it may be a month or two before any of the snow decides to stick around. I hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are.


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