Home Part II

Over Christmas I was able to go home to northern Ontario for the first time in seven months. I had a nice long visit with my family and I was able to catch up with some friends I hadn't seen in ages. I almost always find that a trip back home is rejuvenating, refreshing and realigning. I did a lot of blog reading rather than writing. I celebrated Christmas and my 25th birthday. I cooked and ate tons of delicious food. I spent time in the snow, unlike my southern friends and family who had a balmy green Christmas.

My birthday is January 1st, so it is an excellent time to evaluate how my life is going and try to decide what's working and what's not. I have many ideas for change, intentions and new things I would like to try. I was really lucky to be surrounded with some of the most lovely people for my birthday. Part of me wishes I could be back there right now but I'm working hard to bloom where I'm planted

I managed to get out for a hikes and a snowshoe excursion but cross-country skiing and tobogganing weren't managed this time around. It's fun to be so close to places where you can get outside and enjoy the natural world around you. We went snowshoeing at night on a lit trail, winter sports at night are one of the most exciting things, it's an entirely different experience than being outside during the day. 

I undertook a small sewing project with my mum to make some bunting. I know I'm a bit late to this design trend but I've been admiring it from afar for quite awhile and I really enjoyed making them. I used them to decorate for my birthday and now I have one hanging on the wall above my bed, I think it instantly cheers a room up. 

I had a great time at home and I can't wait to go back! I hope to make it there in the summer this year, as beautiful as winter is, summer is really the best season to experience that little corner of the universe. Shorts, bug bites, fungi, warm wind and a bit of sunshine (when it manages to poke through the fog). 


  1. Anonymous23.1.12

    What a lovely blog you have here :) It's always such a pleasure to peek into people's lives (maybe that's the creep inside me, who knows!). I love the photo's of snowy Ontario. Something I can appreciate, being a fellow Canadian/Torontonian!

    Will definitely be following along.


    1. Sam Robertson26.1.12

      Dope photos as always RoRo.
      I'm eagerly anticipating early mushrooms here.


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