Thunder Bay Part II: Wild Spaces


If you're from northern Ontario, your time is generally absorbed by some sort of activity which draws you outdoors. While there may be a great number of businesses and cultural activities to support within the greater city, the best part of living in a remote Canadian city is the proximity to natural spaces. While places like Central Park (New York) and Cootes Paradise (Hamilton) are phenomenal urban green spaces, there is something to be said for the lack of traffic (noise and pollution) in a park near a small city.

While I was in Thunder Bay my parents took me to Centennial Park where we hiked to the nearby Trowbridge Park. These northerners love their parks! We saw dog walkers, runners, hikers and meandering teens (or what fascists would call "loiterers"). Although the deciduous trees had shed their leaves, the coniferous trees made for a gorgeous green walk through the forest.

Little known fact: Centennial Park is where I used to compete in cross-country running races in high school.


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