Fungi Friends

I like things that happen by accident (or on accident as Rysio points out that I mistakenly say). I like chance encounters, snippets of conversations, seeing the same person for the first time ever three times in a week or hearing about a book twice in one day. It keeps me light on my feet, my shoulders back and my head held high. I never know what is lurking in tomorrow, ready to wink at me or drop in my lap. 

A few days ago I met a wonderful group of guests at work. The four of them had been wandering on our Moose Trail when they happened upon a mushroom that they wanted to identify. The guests brought the mushroom in, we peeked through George Barron's book on Eastern Ontario fungi and a friendship was born. We've been chatting about our mycological love ever since. One of the women told me about the Mycological Society of Toronto that she belongs to and I am anxious for springtime when I can join them on one of their forest forays. I'm so glad I met them and that they shared their wisdom and passion with me. 

Fungi Finds and Photos by Kathryn and Myself - August 2008

A couple of interesting videos about mushrooms:


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