Slow Down Baby

Autumn 2008, Marathon

I rush a lot at work. Sometimes I like to rush through tasks in life. There are times when I wish I could rush through the rest of this contract and dash back into the swing of civilization and something of the life I had before moving here. I need to remind myself to slow down, to take my time, smell the decaying forest (so to speak). 

I miss summer already, even as I remember how much I love the season we're moving into. Fall moves me and it also changes my pace in a way. I like to hike and walk a lot during this time of the year but I don't feel like rushing, I want to stop and look at everything. I want to take my time, stoop to rifle through the leaves and peak underneath rotting logs. 

I found some crow feathers today and part of bone. My first thought was that it belonged to a moose but other people believe it belongs to a deer. I will need to do some further investigating. Pictures to follow. Right now it's time to be slow: to put the photos on the computer tomorrow, to ruminate over my found  objects and to walk in to work in a few minutes with the peace of mind I gathered while I walked in the forest today. 

Be slow today. 


  1. you are getting so smart and I didn't think you could be any smarter......Slow is the new fast!


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