Summer Adventures

I know I've been going on and on about summer adventures but I came across this quote (via The Happiness Project) by Robertson Davies and I couldn't resist reposting it. 

“Every man makes his own summer. The season has no character of its own, unless one is a farmer with a professional concern for the weather. Circumstances have not allowed me to make a good summer for myself this year…My summer has been overcast by my own heaviness of spirit. I have not had any adventures, and adventures are what make a summer.” 

There are only a couple weeks of summer left and you don't want them to slip away unnoticed. Go outside and create your own adventures because you are responsible for your own happiness. Aside from adventuring, I like to curl up with a good book (or sometimes a couple of blogs on my laptop) and read an afternoon away. I deemed 2011 to be my summer of Canadian Literature and I have done quite well so far. I might write up a couple of literary reviews here, just to keep my skills sharp. 

My summer reading list has been:
  • Three Day Road - Joseph Boyden
  • What's Bred in the Bone - Robertson Davies
  • This Cake is for the Party - Sarah Selecky
  • The Penguin Anthology of Stories by Canadian Women
Coming Up:
  • A Treasury of Stephen Leacock
  • Barney's Version - Mordechai Richler
  • ...And any of your fine Canadiana suggestions
Happy reading and adventure making!


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