I'm sorry it's been rather quiet around here. I just got back from a little canoe trip into the Algonquin interior with some friends. It was really pleasant aside from the nearly constant rain. It was really nice to be on the water far away from everybody, getting some peace and quiet. Nice to see old friends too.  But it did make me horribly homesick and it's hard to imagine I can keep this gig up for another two months. I'm slowly tiring of my most recent mantra: I live to serve (which I use to take the piss out of myself, not as any sort of life-affirmation). I think eventually everyone must tire of waiting upon the rich, picking their pubic hairs out of showers (did I actually just type that, yes I guess I did) and acting interested in their gastronomic preferences. I'm not bitter, just a little burnt out perhaps.

There's a silver lining to all of this somewhere and I intend to find it. Maybe I'll meet an important work contact here or something magical will happen. Or maybe I'll just dwell on the little parts of my day that are fantastic, like cuddling with Rysio on the couch while we watch old tv shows and movies on the computer. Speaking of that lovely man, I think I'll go find him. He always cheers me up. Hope all is well with you.

xo, Robin


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