My Camera Love-Affair

I'm pretty camera crazy these days since my old Nikon coolpix bit the dust. Sometimes I steal borrow Rysio's camera for a jaunt in the woods and Sam has graciously lent me his beautiful SLR from time to time since I've arrived in Algonquin. I even purchased a new 35mm manual adjustment Pentax from an antique store, aptly named Don's Junk (more on this later)!

One of my first loves was photography. I remember the first tiny camera my parents gave me. I took a photo of the Canadian flag at the post office, my sister in a white smocked dress and the Mink Creek waterfalls. From that point on I was pretty much inseparable from whatever camera I was using at the time. I have boxes and boxes of old photos and I've spent a small fortune on developing rolls of film with no regrets (ok there were a few regrets when full rolls of film came back blank).

In high school I learned to use the dark room which was covered in a layer of beggar's velvet (that is what us romantic hippies call dust). I rolled, processed, developed and printed my own black and white film. I really cherished my quiet mornings inside that dark, quiet closet - chemical smells and all.  I've always promised myself that one day I would build myself a little dark room once I was settled down in a place for more than a year.

But for now I settle for whatever I can get my hands on. Here are a few photographs I took with Sam's camera this week while a few of us hung out on the dock.


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