Steamy Days

I bet you didn't know that Hamilton has a Museum of Steam and Technology. While we were on our short vacation, we decided to take a little tour of the National Historic Site that pumped clean water from Lake Ontario into the Hamilton reservoir using the power of steam. Our tour guide informed us that the reservoir enabled the city to in order to reduce incidences of cholera and protected the city from fires.

Earlier in the day I bought the new-to-me dress that I am wearing in the photos. It is from one of the new vintage stores on James Street North. I also found a great belt at the vintage store Relish, it is similar to one that I fell in love with at the one of a kind show in Toronto this spring. It is made from upcycled kimono fabric and organic cotton. I keep dreaming of 100 ways to wear it this year and I think it will become one of my cherished wardrobe pieces. 

What do you think of our steam-era hats? I think they may be a bit out of date but you can't fault the museum for including some experiential learning for the little ones. After our long day spent in the warm Hamilton air we decided to cool off with a nice gelato on the waterfront in Burlington. It was a nice visit back in Hamilton but it was much to short. I'm already planning what I want to do when I go back in September. 


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